Global Quality AMC

The Global Quality AMC invests in 30–50 shares of listed large-cap companies. We screen the stock market to identify leading global companies in various sectors, paying particular attention to their quality and valuation, looking for attributes including stable cash flows, a high return on equity and attractive price ratios. We partially hedge downside risks in difficult market conditions using long put options and exchange traded funds.

Why Invest?

Invest in a Diversified Global Portfolio

The Global Quality AMC is a well-diversified global equity portfolio with optimised upside and reduced downside potential. Our aim is for the portfolio’s performance to be in line with that of the MSCI World in up markets and to fall less during down markets.

Smart Hedging

Our use of options should reduce the portfolio’s downside potential during challenging market conditions. The options are bought by using the expected outperformance of quality stocks compared to the benchmark. Hence, the expected excess return is used to optimise the downside risks.

Optimization of the Large Indices

We filter the investment universe according to various quality and valuation criteria to increase the stability of the portfolio’s income and improve its resistance during crises. Our stock selection based on quality and valuation should boost its risk-return profile over the long term.

Performance Since Inception

MSCI World indexed 27.05.2022 = 100. Performance net of Fees.