Who is Zeltner & Co?

Zeltner & Co is a dynamic, innovative investment boutique, built on a family legacy of stability and private banking expertise. Encapsulating the best of both worlds, Zeltner & Co offers its clients the opportunity to invest in one, or both, of the following investment solutions:

The Investment Boutique

Zeltner & Co Leap consists of single, unique products covering a range of asset classes. Investing in these asset management certificates (AMCs) enable exciting, tangible interaction with alternatives and investment products aligned with the demands of our clients. Examples include physically stored metals – to which other investors have no access – cryptocurrencies and new blockchain-based businesses, and high-conviction individual stocks. Zeltner & Co also offers bespoke AMCs tailored to our individual clients’ needs.


actively managed certificates

We manage several certificates covering different asset classes, implementing our internal experts’ convictions. These investment pools are used by the family and our clients. All the certificates, including those backed by real assets, can be booked at your custodian.

Stocks, private lending, real assets & tokens
Advised by our internal experts
Bespoke and unique solutions
Out side the banking system


enrich your investment committee

Choose experts from our company to join your investment committee and benefit from their knowledge and investment views. Our cross-asset class experts will help you optimise your portfolio or strategy while providing you with their new investment ideas and tailor-made research. We can also provide advice on structuring certificates.

Make our expertise yours
Macro views & stock selection
Real asset and crypto expertise
Product structuring

The Family Office

Zeltner & Co Lift is a traditional wealth management solution offered through the family office set-up, enabling our clients to invest their total wealth in diversified discretionary mandates, tailored to their individual risk profiles. This solution could be more suitable for clients looking for stability and security in their portfolios, and comes at no cost to the client beyond the usual fees for their custody banks.  

We also provide our clients with the option to access non-financial services and tailored solutions on request. These include the procurement of luxury items, advice on art, wines or other such investments, access to sought-after experiences, and bespoke tailored events or luxury travel packages.

Z Mandates

zero-fee wealth management

We offer our clients the option to set up highly diversified, global discretionary mandates for free. By choosing this option, you delegate your investment decisions to us and track the Zeltner family’s asset allocation. This multi-asset solution is available in three risk profiles that all invest in a range of actively managed strategies and passive investment vehicles to strike the right balance between performance potential and costs.

Zero-fee wealth management
Booked at UBS
Global multi-asset portfolio
Three different risk profiles

Non-Financial Services

non-financial services

Our non-financial services offering is based on over 20 years of experience in VIP services in events, access, connectivity and communications, combined with access to a truly global network in the fields of art, gastronomy, luxury hospitality and design. Whether you simply need us to procure a luxury item or tickets to an exclusive event? or desire a tailored event or travel package specific to your needs, our team can help.

Access, procurement and tailored services
Luxury goods and services
Executive travel, hospitality & protection
Tailored experiences, events and advice

Driven by pioneering, results-proven and globally renowned experts who are backed up by our firm’s stable family heritage, Zeltner & Co provides its clients with an open door to new opportunities, connectivity and access that are unique in the marketplace.

Simply Unique

A Handful of Differentiating Features


Wealth management, free of charge.


Physically stored and decentralized assets and alternative investment opportunities as part of an investment solution set.


High conviction stock selections based on fundamental, quantitative and technical research.


Investment decisions taken together with industry leaders.


Non-Financial services support with access to a global network.

Team Up with the Best

Pioneering Experts & Challengers

Zeltner & Co brings together three pools of talent. At the core is our management team, which has considerable expertise in investment, client servicing and operational matters. Second, we have access to a pool of external experts who work on the front line of industries that Zeltner & Co’s strategies invest in. This ensures Zeltner & Co has access to best-in-class knowledge of topics such as metals and cryptocurrencies. Finally, we have set up several investment committees in which successful thought leaders, academics and clients debate investments, trends and client needs.


Client Services
Decision Making & Investment Knowledge
Risk Control
Finance & Human Resources


Investment Advice and Ideas
Industry-specific Knowledge
Industry-specific Connectivity


Successful Peers
Academics & Professors
Active Clients

Partners and Supervisors