Our Advisory Offering

Enrich your Investment Committee

We support investment teams and committees of other financial institutions like funds, investment companies and family offices. These institutions benefit from our research, asset class specific expertise and structured product knowledge. Firms may also outsource their entire research department to us, while maintaining final decision over any investments made.

Why Advisory?

Bespoke Advice

We provide our Advisory clients with individual investment recommendations based on their chosen approach.Together with our experts, we screen the financial markets to find promising investment opportunities that meet client guidelines. Furthermore, we continuously communicate with our clients to ensure they can help inform our research and decision making. 

Fair Fee Structures

Advisory is often charged by applying a percentage-based fee linked to assets under management. We can also take a different approach and charge a fixed amount on an annual basis depending on the levels of service. The financial institution utilizing our services grows its margins as well as its assets thanks to a fixed fee in absolute terms. 

Access to our Research

By outsourcing the entire research to us, or just part of it, financial institutions get access to assets created by our analysts and experts in various fields. This can be in the form of watchlists, reports, factsheets, management calls and 1:1 meetings. They also benefit from our opinions based on multiple external and international research sources.