Family History

The Legacy

a family story

Zeltner & Co was founded on the legacy of Jürg Zeltner, a renowned banker, leader, entrepreneur, visionary, and loving father. Jürg prioritised family values, security and fortune  – not just for his own family, but for the families of his clients.

Jürg had a tremendous impact on those around him, inspiring loyalty and commitment from employees and peers alike. His banking career was driven by his ability to understand his clients’ needs and his tireless dedication to delivering detail-oriented, best-in-class services and products.

Jürg passed away in 2020 at the age of 52.

Our Values

a fusion of tradition and today

The Zeltner family has its roots in farming, politics and policing in Bern – Switzerland’s capital city. After spending his formative years there, Jürg decided to use his acumen and experience in the international financial industry.

In 2021, Jürg’s son, Thomas Zeltner, founded Zeltner & Co. The organisation is an entrepreneurial and modern enterprise based on the core values of Jürg and his family:

・Listening to other peoples’ needs
・Telling the truth, even if it hurts
・Working until the job is done
・Being obsessed with detail
・Aiming as high as possible.

The Current Generation

Thomas eduard zeltner

Thomas Zeltner is in charge of managing the family office and investment boutique. He has had a significant influence on the family’s investment decisions since 2015 and steered the family through the succession phase. He serves Zeltner & Co both as Chairman of the Board and as CEO. He learned about traditional private banking from  his experienced peers, studied the latest research and best practices, and always looks out for disruptive new techniques to find the best way to manage family wealth in the 21st century.

Thomas lives in Zurich and is an avid fan of motorsport – a passion he shared with his father. He enjoys spending time outdoors and keeping fit.