Mysterious 2010 Bitcoin Whale Launches Bitcoin-Only Market-Making Certificate

April 2024

We are excited to announce that our new Bitcoin Volatility Premium AMC has been featured in Bitcoin Magazine. The article titled "Mysterious 2010 Bitcoin Whale Launches Bitcoin-Only Market-Making Certificate - Navigating New Frontiers: How the Bitcoin Volatility Premium AMC Is Redefining Investment Strategies" provides insightful commentary on the groundbreaking innovation introduced to the market through the collaboration with the Bitcoin whale.

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BVP AMC Launch

March 2024

We are excited to introduce the latest innovation in financial products: the Bitcoin Volatility Premium AMC.

The Bitcoin Volatility Premium invests algorithmically in Bitcoin and US Dollars with the goal of capturing a volatility premium while optimizing the risk-return profile of Bitcoin investments and providing liquidity to the BTC/USD spot market. 

With over USD 50 million in assets under management, this product is now available to external investors. Please note that it is suitable only for professional investors.

2X for the first time

February 2024

We are proud that one of our products has achieved more than 100% return for the first time. Since its inception in June 2022, the Cryptocurrency Frontier AMC has exceeded all our expectations. We specialise in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies and dive deep into the rich diversity of altcoins, with a clear focus on outperforming Bitcoin.

Global Quality AMC closed

February 2024

Two of our key principles are responsibility and self-reflection. The strategy of our actively-managed stock product, the Global Quality AMC, has not delivered the desired returns. Consequently, we have taken the decision to close the AMC.

The reasons for the closure of this product are as follows:
· The performance of Global Quality AMC was not in line with our expectations; the strategy did not work out as we had hoped. We are therefore abandoning it altogether, and focusing on strategies that are succeeding.
· After recognizing that this strategy was not working as intended, the family decided to withdraw from the Global Quality AMC. We believe that without personal involvement from the family, it would be a conflict of interest to continue offering this product to customers. Hence, we are shutting down this AMC and it will no longer be sold.
· We value our entrepreneurial culture of fostering new projects. Nevertheless, value through quality takes priority. By concluding the Global Quality AMC, we concentrate our capabilities on value-generating ventures. Sometimes less is more.

Message from the CEO

December 2023

Growth, growth, growth! That was our motto for 2023 and I am proud of our team for delivering exactly that.
· Our AuM have increased by over 400%.
· Our turnover has more than doubled.
· 7 out of 9 investment opportunities that we offer our clients closed the year with a positive performance.

Like other companies, we had our challenges in 2023 and it was great to see how we overcame them one by one.For 2024, I expect the same drive and motivation to capitalise on the positive momentum.I wish everyone a relaxing festive season and a happy new year. 

Thomas Zeltner

Kim Wirth, CFA

November 2023

Congratulations on becoming a  CFA charterholder Kim Wirth, CFA!

Another milestone in your career! We are delighted to have you on the team as a CFA charterholder. We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to you on your remarkable achievement of earning your CFA designation. This is a testament to your dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of banking and finance. It is another milestone in your career. This diploma is enrichment to the Zeltner & Co team. It demonstrates your commitment to fostering professional growth.
You put a lot of time and effort into earning your CFA diploma, and your determination paid off in the form of this prestigious qualification. This accomplishment underscores your expertise in financial analysis, ethics, and investment management, and it positions you as a trusted and knowledgeable professional in the finance industry.
The Zeltner & Co team is genuinely impressed by your achievement, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact your skills and knowledge will bring to our team and the clients we serve. Once again, congratulations on this outstanding milestone. Your dedication is an inspiration to us all, and we celebrate this significant moment in your career with great enthusiasm.

Breakfast Meeting - Private Lending

Oktober 2023

Thomas Siegenthaler, Patrick Spichiger, Kim Wirth and Thomas Zeltner presented the Private Lending AMC to invited guests at our latest breakfast meeting in the beautiful setting of the Hotel Storchen in Zurich. After the presentation, there was an open discussion with exciting questions from the guests.

Client Event Florence/Mugello

September 2023

In September we witnessed an exhilarating racing weekend! Alongside two thrilling races at the Mugello circuit, we had the privilege of basking in the splendour of Florence. A particularly big thank you goes to AIM Events for coordinating the hospitality and guest experiences around the whole weekend and to Maxx Formula for the cooperation throughout the whole season and series!

British Classic Car Meeting St.Moritz 2023

July 2023

St. Moritz was once again the preferredvenue to host the annual "British Classic Car Meeting" (BCCM), heldduring the weekend of July 7-9, 2023. In imperial weather and before the breathtaking backdrop of the Engadine valley, the prestigious event gathered morethan 70 teams – exclusively driving British Classic Cars – commencingceremoniously on Friday with a welcome dinner at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. At 9am sharp on Saturday morning, the pistol fired tostart the "RoyalRally", this year leading pilots through the Malojapass to Chiavenna andthen across the Splügen and Julier passes back to St.Moritz.
Among thegrid was a team from Zeltner & Co, represented by our head ofbusiness development,Wolfgang Jaksch, and his wife Veronika! The pair zippedthrough the mountainsin a 1961 Jaguar MKII, finishing in 22nd place out of 69 teams. After the race,the evening gala at Suvretta Haus accommodated everyonefor the first time atone long table, in regal British fashion, with a banquetcrafted byworld-renown chef Anton Mosimann. The Solothurner master served theBritishRoyal Family for decades as their Chef de Cuisine, having alsocreatedthe menu at the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.Sundaysawthe gardens of Suvretta Haus transformed into a Concours d’Elégance, auniqueshowcase of British automotive history. All participating teamspresented theirexceptionally rare vehicles to the jury one last time, offeringguests thechance to come and have a close look.
We would like tocongratulate Veronika and Wolfgang Jaksch for successfullycompleting the 29thBritish Classic Car Rally without any untimely mechanicalissues and forfinishing in a commendable 22nd placeoverall.


MAy 2023

We are pleased to announce our FINANZ und WIRTSCHAFT newspaper article, in which we provided insights into our Private Lending AMC in collaboration with our partner cresolutions.

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MARCH 2023

A big thank you to our partner Zai, for their contribution to this unforgettable ski event in St. Moritz. The refreshing days which we were able to experience and enjoy on the slopes mean that we can now start with new strength in the upcoming week.

Landsail Maxx Formula Championship

January 2023

Zeltner & Co is now an official partner of the Landsail Maxx Formula Championship presented by Zeltner & Co. We are looking forward to seeing Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars racing at the following events:

Monza, April 1-2
Hockenheim, May 27-28
Imola, July 1-2
Nürburgring, August 12-13
Mugello, September 9-10

You can follow the races via live stream.

Take a look at the TikTok channel from Maxx formula:

Message from the CEO


From my personal perspective, at Zeltner & Co. 2022 has been an incredibly successful, instructive, exciting, and interesting year that has been full of surprises.

· We have built a great environment within credibly motivated employees, very well qualified experts, reliable partners, and customers who have put their faith in us.
· We have been awarded the latest asset management licence by FINMA.
· We have launched 5 more certificates.

We have launched unique products, especially in direct/private lending and crypto.   Our team can confidently say that the successful build-up is complete. The year has demanded a lot of energy and sacrifice from everyone. I am even more proud of the fact that all of us have added value throughout the year.  Anyone who knows us will be aware that our motto for 2023 is to shift up another gear. Although the products Swiss Industrial Metal and Private Lending enjoyed positive and stable performance in 2022 and the Cryptocurrency Frontier AMC beat Bitcoin despite the negative mood on the markets, we are not satisfied. We want to create value for our customers with every single product. I am convinced that we have the right people, experts, and challengers to achieve this goal and I believe in the vision and conviction behind every single investment and piece of analysis.

I wish everyone a well-deserved festive season and a happy new year. Don't take too long to rest - the race goes on.

Thomas Zeltner 

The Year of Swiss Banking Comebacks

december 2022

Zeltner & Co among the top 8 banking comebacks of the year 2022

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Cointelegraph - Cryptocurrencies Survey


The Cointelegraph Research - Insitutional Demand for Cryptocurrencies Survey was published on the 20th of Octobre. We were honored to be part of the Cointelegraph Report. Check out the pages 16-23 to read Thomas Zeltner’s and Kim Wirth’s thoughts about the reasons for institutions to buy cryptocurrencies.

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Wolfgang Jaksch

September 2022

We are pleased to welcome Wolfgang Jaksch to our team. After accumulating 29 years of leading experience in a global business environment, based on innovation, compliance, and customer loyalty he will surely conduce to the success of our driven team. As Head of Business Development and Customer Retention he expedites our strategic targets of growth and provides a first class service to our highly esteemed clients.

I have to earn the name on the logo


Our CEO - Thomas Zeltner - provides insights into the strategy and plans of Zeltner & Co. Read the whole interview with finews on their webpage.

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The name Zeltner is back in Swiss Banking

JuLY 2022

We are very happy to announce our fist newspaper article. We would like to thank finews. Read the whole aritcle by clicking on this link or on the finews webpage.

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Happy Birthday Swiss Industrial Metal AMC

July 2022

Our industrial metal product with physical storage has now been live for a whole year. We’re looking forward to many more years with our experts. As of this month new metals are heading towards our warehouse...
Let's get physical.

Exclusive Interview with Demelza Hays

June 2022

Demelza Hays - Crypto Portfolio Manager at Zeltner & Co and Head of Research at Cointelegraph - gave an interview explaining her background and how she came into the crypto business. She also gave us some insights into her plan for the Crypto Currency Frontier AMC she has been setting up with Zeltner & Co and, which is now live.

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New Stock Products are live

May 2022

As of today, the following three stock AMCs are live. Our High Conviction AMC consist of 10 stocks that represent our biggest convictions, our Trendline Selection AMC invests in stocks exhibiting positive momentum and the Global Quality AMC pools identified leading global companies in various sectors. In addition, we expect to launch our first crypto product in the next month. Stay tuned.

FINMA License

APRIL 2022

We are both proud and happy to announce that Zeltner & Co was granted an asset management licence by FINMA this week. We will now be officially listed on the list of portfolio managers and trustees licensed by FINMA. The licence provides our clients with more security as we are licensed by FINMA, we are overseen by AOOS and also audited by KPMG as of this week. We will keep our heads down and focus on a successful launch of the AMCs we are planning.

Metal Event

March 2022

The Swiss Industrial Metal Event took place last week. We hope everyone enjoyed seeing the metals physically stored by our Swiss Industrial Metal AMC as well as the keynote speeches by Daniel Stüssi (the CEO of RealUnit) and Niklas Nikolajsen (the founder of Bitcoin Suisse). Our guests were able to touch the metals they own while eating typical Swiss food and listening to the string trio from the Tonhalle Orchester Zurich. We are looking forward to welcoming all of you again soon!

Product Pipeline

March 2022

Zeltner & Co has announced today that it plans to launch new products during 2022. First of all a bunch of stock portfolios and a crypto portfolio will be launched as actively managed certificates within two months after receiving the wealth management license by FINMA. Later this year, Zeltner & Co wants to present its clients solutions for sustainable investing, lending and private equity.

High-Net-Wirth report

Januar 2022

Our investment boutique under the supervision of Kim Wirth has successfully launched it’s first High-Net-Wirth report. The reports aims to share our inhouse views and thoughts with our clients while providing it’s readers a short market debriefing. Furthermore, this weekly publications contains stock ideas and alternative asset class coverage by our experts. Please let us know if you want to subscribe to the new High-Net-Wirth report.



Thomas Zeltner and Kim Wirth are setting up Zeltner & Co. GmbH with the goal to build an innovative family office and investment boutique which can offer both, new and interesting products as well as classical wealth management. After successfully launching the Swiss Industrial Metal AMC, a bigger structure is needed to tackle clients’ needs in a more holistic way. Over the medium term Zeltner & Co plans to offer multiple AMCs, wealth management, advisory to institutional clients, non-financial services and lending solutions.