Bitcoin Volatility Premium AMC

The Bitcoin Volatility Premium AMC invests algorithmically in Bitcoin and US Dollars aiming to collect a volatility premium while optimizing the risk return profile of a Bitcoin investment and providing liquidity to the BTC/USD spot market.

Why Invest?

Volatility Premium

While constantly buying low and selling high, investors earn a volatility premium on top of 70% Bitcoin exposure.

Risk Adjusted Bitcoin Exposure

Bitcoin exposure with reduced risks as investors are never fully invested in the cryptocurrency.

Simple Approach

The product strategy is straightforward. The funds are constantly rebalanced to a  70% BTC and 30% USD ratio.


This product can be booked into a regular bank deposit account. Both fiat money and in-kind Bitcoin investments are possible.

Reduced Counterparty Risks

The asset manager, the securitisation platform and the SPV are owned by the same shareholders, thereby guarantee mutual alignment of objectives.  

Low Cost

Compared to other crypto products, this solution comes with a discount of up to 75% because we are driven by the long-term goal of providing liquidity to the Bitcoin spot market, instead of revenue generation.

Top Custody

The Bitcoins are stored with certified and regulated Swiss banks for maximum fee of 0.2% per annum.


The product is audited in the same manner as Zeltner & Co, which is licensed by the Swiss regulator FINMA, and supervised by AOOS.

Performance Since Inception

Benchmark performance = AMC performance without algorithmic volatility premium. AMC performance net of fees